The Recognition of Student Mobility Achievements

College of Social Work will fully recognise the the mobility achievements by awarding the total number of credit hours achieved at the receiving institution. As the student, sending and receiving institution have already signed the learning Agreement prior to the exchange and committed themselves to complying with all the agreed arrangements, the students will obtain full recognition for doing their study programme or traineeship abroad without any further requirements.

The mechanisms for full recognition are based on the documents such as Learning Agreement, Transcript of Records and Training agreement, the student has to provide to the receiving and sending institutions.  Diploma Supplement also plays an important part in the recognition of student mobility achievements. It makes qualifications and competencies  acquired  during  the  studies  more  transparent and  easily  comparable.  Containing  additional  relevant information  on  student  mobility,  the  benefit  of  the  Diploma  Supplement  is that  different  educational  contexts  or institutions both home and abroad can get informed judgments on acquired competencies during mobility.

The  recognition  is  done  via  Credit  System  equivalences.  Depending  on  the  programme,  students  will  have  the opportunity to change courses or replace courses according to their interests. There will also be the option of including extra elective courses.

The VSSR also has a Center for Career Development with fully competent staff for the assessment and recognition of student achievement in enterprises. These achievements are also recognized through procedures of evaluation and self evaluation.

The Team for International Cooperation also facilitates mobility and provides that all the parties become aware of their responsibilities and that precaution measures are taken. Mobility achievements are also recognized through quality assurance standards.