The Academic Credit System

College of Social Work applies the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) which evaluates the total engagement of a student related to active teaching, examinations and practical work. A total of 60 ECTS credits corresponds to the average student engagement within the 40-hour working week during an academic year.

Study programmes at the College of Social Work are organized on two levels, in line with the guidelines of the Bologna Process:

Undergraduate level:  240 ECTS, duration 4 years
Master level:  60 ECTS, duration 1 year

Methodology of Credit Allocation

The full-time workload of an academic year corresponds to 60 ECTS credits, which accounts for an average total engagement within the 40-hour working week. As one ECTS credit corresponds to 25-30 hours of work, the total workload ranges from 1500 to 1800 hours for an academic year. Credits are awarded to individual students after they have achieved the defined learning outcomes of educational components and their associated workload.

Total student workload consists of active teaching (lectures, exercises, seminars, presentations, projects, consultations), written tests, final examination, final paper, practical work and self-study. Teaching takes place within 30 weeks, while 12 weeks are intended for consultations, exam preparation and exams. Students’  engagement  in  specific  courses  is  continually  monitored and evaluated in points. A student can earn the maximum of 100 points by fulfilling the pre- exam obligations and passing the final exam. Pre-examination obligations participate with at least 30 and maximum 70 points. The proportion of ECTS credits is allocated to each course on the bases of the estimated workload.

The student’s total achievement in the exam is expressed in grades from 5 to 10 with the corresponding number of points: grade 6 (six) from 51 to 60 points, grade 7 (seven) from 61 to 70 points, grade 8 (eight) from 71 to 80 points, grade 9 (nine) from 81 to 90 points and grade 10 (ten) from 91 to 100 points.

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