Staff Mobility

The most important objectives Of College of Social Work are cooperation, sharing and acquisition of experience and knowledge.

Staff mobility has two focuses: developing international research and cooperation projects, and supporting  student  mobility  activities with  partner  institutions.  Both  of  these  focuses  aim  to further develop the capacity of staff to improve the quality and relevance of the College teaching and research. Training projects have a strong focus on capacity development and sustainable outcomes with a balance between EU and non-EU (developing country) participants and partners. The  College  is  particularly  dedicated  to  the  promotion  of joint  study  programmes.  It  has established  a  section  for  dealing  with  the  legal  aspects  of  cross-border  agreements  with  the neighboring  countries.  The  College  teaching  staff  is  also  motivated  and  closely  involved  in promoting international corporation and mobility via participation at international conferences and establishing academic links with universities worldwide.

The Advisory Board of the College identifies and proposes employees (both teaching and non-teaching staff) suitable for mobility on the bases of their achievement and professional advancement. The College itself is fully aware of the importance of the staff exchange and the acquirement of knowledge and experiences in different working environments. Thus, it sets the mobility as an important goal for its employees and encourages them to get involved.

Apart from the full recognition of the experience of staff by VSSR, the participants themselves are provided with available certification of mobility through already established mechanisms. Recognition is based on the certificate of attendance issued by the receiving institution and on an individual report.